Bought the book, WHERE THE HEART IS by BILLIE LETTS , from a book fair for 6 ringgit. cheap la as it is a second hand lorr.. masa baca buku ni br tringat aku penah tgk movie dia.. tapi bila baca lagi mendalam la feeling dia.. there are few words la yang aku suka tp dah lupa la page mana. well I used to keep all the quotation from books that i like..or connected with me.

Oh! bout this book, it's about a girl, got pregnant and been left behind by her bf at a small town. with no money she sleeps in the mart. then people find out bout her. and she falls in love with a guy.

" If you're one who has lost everybody
you may find just one more
no matter how lonely you are
there's someone in this world who loves you"


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